Monday, December 2, 2013


This last week was awesome! Except for the 3 day I really do hate sitting around all day not being able to be out in the was awful!
But on with the miracles! So I was on an exchange with an elder in the district and when we were going to an area we had planned it didn't feel right. So we decided to go explore an area we have never been to, we got to a hiking train and as a joke at first I told him, "let’s go hiking." He said "ok!" when he said ok, it felt right like we were supposed to. As we were hiking for about a half mile we talked with a couple people on the trail. And we were striving to look for what the Lord had us there to do. He asked me, "Do you think we wasted our time?" I told him absolutely not that the lord had someone for us to see in the next hour. If we hadn't gone hiking to talk to a few people this next miracle wouldn't have happened. We were walking back and felt prompted to knock a street. Well anyways we were knocking this guy’s door and he pulled up as we were knocking. (Most people think that is awkward, I love those moments they can’t get out of talking to us! ha-ha) We started talking to him and he relayed to us how he was agnostic and we bore such simple and powerful testimonies and he began to start to believe again!

I love those moments when we don't understand why we were on that path, but we look back and realize what the lord was preparing us for! I don't know where I would be if I hadn't been reassigned to Indiana! People tell me sorry all the time for not being in Brazil, I tell them I am grateful! I am leaving my new found family here!
I read a cool scripture today, Zach. 9:12 "turn you to the strong hold." Along with Romans 8: 31-32 and 37-39! It is so amazing that nothing can keep us from God’s love! Nothing! His love is simply always there we just have to be willing to feel it and see it! His love is made manifest through his son and his gospel! His gospel is His love to all of us and I get to share it with all of my family and friends!

Love you all,

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