Monday, November 25, 2013

Visa Has Arrived!

So crazy! My visa is finally here! It is a very bitter sweet moment! I want to go so bad! But I will miss the spirit and relationships I have made while serving the Lord here! I will cherish my last few weeks here in Indiana!

We had a great week last week! Bloomington has a million trees so we have spent a lot of time helping members and nonmembers with their leaves! It has been great! We are excited for football this Thursday and for the food! We get to go to the Miters, and Brother Miter is Brazilian, and one of his friends from Brazil will most likely be coming and he asked me to teach him the first lesson in Portuguese! I am so excited and kind of nervous to see where my language has gone! Haha but I am excited :)

As a district we went over learning the language of the spirit! It was a really good district meeting. We all learned so much on how we need to all create a spiritual language study plan and continue to edify and make that relationship with our Father grow and as we do that in return our relationship with the Savior and the holy spirit will as well! I love the spirit in my life! Without it I wouldn't be able to feel love! Feeling my Father’s love and knowing that he approves of what I am doing means the world to me!

While reading the Book of Mormon this week, I had a special experience. I prayed beforehand how I could recognize His love for me in the reading! As I began to read, I don't remember at all what I read, but I remember what I felt, and I knew that because I could feel His presence with me that it is true without a doubt! I have loved being able to pray to continually to know it is true every day! This gospel is so amazing and I am thankful for its presence and the fruit of it in my life!

Love you all,

Elder Loveless

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