Monday, April 29, 2013

Wow...I love being a missionary!

The Indiana Indianapolis Mission Home
Well, where to the plane ride was interesting...we got delayed, flew from Arizona to D.C. then to Indiana. We didn't get in until after 1, then went to bed just after 2. Very tiring. But on the plane ride from Arizona to D.C. I had the wonderful opportunity to be put in the middle seat...well you know what that the lady next to me had earphones in the whole time and didn't want to talk, but the lady next to me didn't have any. So we spent the first 45 minutes just talking, getting to know her, and then we slowly got into talking about the gospel. I wanted to give her a pamphlet of the restoration along with the Book of Mormon to talk with her about it, but then I realized all of my pamphlets were in Portuguese. So I was thinking of what to do, and I had a strong feeling to get up and get my copy of Our Heritage. I pulled it out sat down, and she asked who was on the cover! PERFECT QUESTION!! Then came along our 3 1/2 hours of talking about the church. It was so amazing. I was able to be led and guided by the spirit in teaching her the first three lessons, reading with her passages in the Book of Mormon. She had so many questions, (p.s. Reese her son in law is Ghanaian.) we talked about why we don’t baptize children, the role of the temple, sacrament meeting, why we serve missions. It was so amazing! She then said she was very interested so we talked about Family history. I then left her with the book of Mormon, a card with other websites. It was such an amazing experience. I pray and hope that she will contact the missionaries.
Elder Loveless, Elder Buck, Elder Mathias
So my new companions are Elder Buck from Lehi, and Elder Mathias form Cedar Hills. Elder Buck is our trainer and district leader! I love it out here. Nothing is better than being a missionary. We were able to receive 2 new investigators who are amazing and want to know more. The spirit is absolutely amazing when teaching. I feel so fortunate to be able to be out here and to be able to bring others closer to Christ. Nothing is better, and nothing has ever brought me so much joy then when I am serving the Lord and making him the center of our work as missionaries. He lives! I know that He lives. I see how He has prepared the beautiful people of Indiana with his spirit and I am more than grateful to be led by his spirit to help them come to know there savior. I love being a missionary. It is so hard, it is so exhausting every minute of every day, but I love it. The ward here is amazing, there is a recent convert named Larry who is 20. I got set up to "teach the new investigatory Larry" (didn’t know he was a member at that point) he talked about blacks with the priesthood, magic under wear, polygamy, and every anti question you could think of. And my companions would help a bit. But all I could do was testify and share with him scriptures and all he said was that we were lying. He then left we went home, and then he knocked on the door and was there. It through me off guard but then he said to me, you passed the test... he is really amazing. He goes with the missionaries and especially with us 4-5 times a week. Member missionary work is crucial! But I am running out of time. My address is:

Elder Gary Loveless
801 North Kings Mill Road Apt. 110
Greenwood, Indiana

Elder Loveless and Elder Sperry (Elder Sperry is Elder Loveless' cousin's son.)
 I also saw Elder Sperry! He looks like he is doing well! Very happy and positive! I forgot to talk about our two new investigators we found tracting, Ben and Roger. Both are amazing and are wanting to know more about the Church. We met Ben on Thursday, after an appointment fell through. We were just walking passed, and said hi and stopped. He then asked if we would be back in a while so he could ask us some questions. We came back, and he said he was told a lot of lies about us, that he didn't believe, and that he wanted to hear what we had to say. He is amazing! He is a cop and has a wife, who at this point he wants us to teach when she is not home. We want to see if we can teach her also. We then taught him the first lesson on Friday. We then found Roger on Saturday, a former investigator. He is really struggling and hopefully he will be able to stay strong and rely on the Savior and our Father in Heaven through prayer. He has told us he is hungering, and is like a little child and needs help. At that point we then testified of the Savior and His atonement, with having faith on His name to get through any trial! I love being able to share my testimony of the Savior and His gospel to all who want to hear. We have a baptism on Saturday with Jason Clouse. His wife and kids aren't getting baptized yet, but hopefully soon! Can't wait for Saturday! Thanks again for everything! Love you all! 

With all my love, 
Elder Loveless
(P.S. Dad thanks for the last name...yea... other missionaries enjoy it, especially with the members...haha..that's all I have to say.)

The Apartment
The Bedroom
Apartment Kitchen

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Indiana, USA and Campinas, Brazil
I seriously couldn't be more excited to be going to Indianapolis, Indiana! It is so crazy to think that Uncle Donald and I have the same missions. I wish I would have had the opportunity to have met that great man.
Elder Loveless and Dallen Done (A distant cousin)
Well a ton has happened this week, I will save the best for last though. But we had infield orientation on Thursday for 9 hours, and it was so sweet! I really can’t wait to get out into the field to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so fortunate and privileged to be able to serve him in this work that is booming. I have received so much from him, I hope I can somewhat give back. One thing that we have realized is how important member missionary work is. If members aren't attending lessons, or helping the missionaries with fellow shipping the new converts it makes it that much harder. And especially if the missionaries do not work with the ward and gain their trust it also makes it that much harder. This work is so amazing, and it gets me so excited to go out and work with members at my side to be able to bring others unto this beautiful gospel.
Elder Loveless and his district
Now here is the cool part...Richard G. Scott came on Tuesday! It was so amazing! We were able to sit 15-20 feet away from him, dead center! It was so amazing! Right as the doors opened and we saw his brilliant smile on his face everyone stood up in respect and the spirit immediately was filled throughout the room! The spirit testified to all of us that he is a prophet of God! I can’t tell you how strong the spirit was, and how amazing the experience was to be able to see and hear from him. (He also speaks Spanish and Portuguese and spoke Portuguese to all of us. He also translates his own talks for conferences. Didn’t know that!)  He based his talk around prayer. Something’s that he said is "you will never regret the service you give." "Prayer is a supernal gift from father to every soul." "He sent us to succeed gloriously, and wants us to succeed." “Share your deepest feelings w/ father and feel the feelings coming back." "Seek what he wants for you." Say your prayers out loud." “Be thankful for when he lets us struggle." "Greater the faith, greater the character." then the most amazing part of it all, he gave us an apostolic blessing. The blessing and the spirit was indescribable. Here is what I was best able to jot down form the blessing. "You can learn the language, and you will be blessed immensely from this experience. Especially you sisters, you will be amazing wives and mothers. A blessing of peace I give you that you have been called by inspiration. You haven’t been called to do something you can’t do. You can master the language and you will through him." After he sat down we sang, and funniest thing, a sister stood up to say the prayer, and he jumped up and literally ran to the pulpit to say something else. He then said, "He has called you to succeed and not to fail. He will not abandon you. He knows you. You will discover more about yourselves that you never knew before. Remember you have been called by Him who lives. He will fit the task to your capabilities." He then gave a simple but one of the most powerful testimonies, “He lives, I know that He lives. And He loves you." So simple are the words from the prophets, apostles, and especially children. So simple but so strong and sincere.  It seriously was an amazing experience.
Elder Loveless and Elder Priest as hosts
On Wednesday when I was hosting, I was able to host with Elder Priest and it was so amazing to talk with him and be able to be with a familiar face and a best friend. I really am truly lucky to have such an amazing family, amazing friends, and companions. I really can’t wait to serve in Indianapolis, then Brazil. Also Ryan at TRC last night we talked with two Brazilians, and they have been called to serve in Londrina and can’t wait. So yeah! Thank you everyone for all of the support you have given me. I truly am blessed beyond measure. This really is the true gospel and how privileged are we to be a part of it! I am so grateful for this work.
I love you all!
With love, Elder Loveless

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Called to Serve: Part 2

Hi Everyone!

We just got a call from Elder Loveless in the MTC, and he said that he will be going to the Indianapolis Indiana Mission until he receives his visa for Brazil!  We're excited about this, because that is where his uncle Donald was sent while he was waiting for his visa for Brazil back in the 70's.

Have a great day!

Bom Dia!

Elder Loveless and his friend Taylor Williamson

Well I hope all is well at home with everyone. It is so crazy how quick time fly’s. It feels like just yesterday I came into the MTC, and now I have less than a week till I leave. So I get a reassignment tomorrow, until my visa comes and the cool thing about it from what Irma Petitta told us is they pray over us a second time where to go. She also said that by going stateside her teaching skills improved immensely which in return helped her a ton when she got to Brazil and was learning Portuguese. I can’t wait to know where else the Lord needs my companions and me, but more importantly, we need the people to help us become who the Lord intends for us to become.

The language is coming really well, I am loving the language, and it is so beautiful. I know it will be a little different when I get to Brazil...ok it will be more different than I think, but I will love it. So many cool things happen at the MTC, especially in devotionals. So funny story real quick, when we were hosting, I got asked to help with some of the Japanese missionaries who knew no English, but it was fun! But that isn't the funny part. I was helping this new missionary, an amazing kid. we get to his residence hall, and I was telling him he needed his preach my gospel, something to write with, and his scriptures...this is where it went bad...he then looks at me like he was about to barf and his face was all red...umm Elder Loveless...I forgot my scriptures in the was really funny. So I asked him where he was from and he said California. His brothers were driving back right then, so we went to the front desk called his brothers and they brought them back. But it was so funny... maybe just to me.

Update on Elder Eller, his foot is doing really well, and looks really good! Also when I was hosting, I saw miles walking to the temple, and I was able to talk to him for a sec. But cool and funny thing happened on Sunday after temple walk. so I am walking with my district and I here some girl yelling my name. and not having heard my name in a while I just ignored it not thinking someone said my name. Then my companions say to me, Elder Loveless some girl is yelling your name! I look over and it was Teller!  It was so fun to talk to her and take a picture with her.

I think that is about the just of my stories for the week. But yea, I will be calling home either Wednesday or Thursday about my reassignment, so mom if you could post it and let everyone know where I have been reassigned.

One thing that I have loved since the first day here at the MTC, is the spirit. The spirit is so strong here and can constantly be felt. In the devotional on Sunday Greg Droubay from Springville talked with us about how the church is expanding by using technology especially in New York and the UK. But he told us a story about how in a roundabout way the Book of Mormon play is helping the church. He reaffirmed us that that play is a wicked and filthy play, but in all of the programs that are sold and handed out, the church put their own add in there with a number to call and get a free Book of Mormon and a number for missionaries!  but something even funnier, he went to Elder Holland and Nelson and was telling them that buses and adds in the UK said " the Mormons’ are coming" implying for the Book of Mormon play and the reply from Elder Holland and Nelson was "well then let’s go." it was so awesome but because of those efforts to make fun of the church, the church is growing from it. It shows that evil will always be here, and will continue to grow strong against the church, but this work will not stop. The world is getting worse, and quite frankly scary, but how lucky are we to know the peach and joy and happiness of the gospel. I am so thankful for my opportunity to be out here in the field, to be an instrument in his hands. I love this gospel more than anything. Another thing that Greg Drubay said that reminded me of what Brian told to Reese and then me, was "the key to missionary work is Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement." it is so true. I can testify of that, that without having faith in the savior and without his atonement, that this work would not be possible or progress. Having read the Book of Mormon while here, every book testifies of the savior, and especially Moroni 7 and Ether 12 that talk about faith, and without it nothing would be possible. I know that it is because of the faith of the wonderful people in this church that the work is able to progress. I am so happy beyond measure to be able to get my new assignment to go out into the field and teach anyone about our savior, his gospel and most importantly his atonement.

I love you all! This may be my last email in the MTC.

Love you all

Elder Loveless

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Thanks to Kim Lovelace for this picture!

Well hello everyone!!

So this last week has been awesome! Conference was absolutely amazing! So if anyone doesn’t know...the chairs in rooms where devotionals are, are not comfortable in the slightest, so one of our companions had an idea to grab the gym pads and put them on our we all sat on gym pads during conference. It was really comfortable actually! It’s crazy to think that in two weeks I will be out of here and out in the field! I really cannot wait for that to come. Our district gets to host tomorrow with helping new missionaries in, it seems like just yesterday I got here, but the time is flying! We get our reassignments next week on Wednesday and our travel plans on Thursday, I am so excited to see where else I am able to serve. It’s like receiving another mission call!

Good news, Elder Eller’s foot is doing better, he said the swelling is going down a bit, but from mid shin to his toes is all purple and blue.... kind of gross, I’ll get a picture of it! Haha But it was really good to see Brother Fairbank yesterday and be able to talk with him! It was really good to see a familiar face and another friend at the MTC! Sounds like all is going well at home and for everyone! Except for the snow.....I really can’t wait for Brazil so I don’t have to deal with the bipolar Utah weather. (So sorry my grammar is terrible, I should have not relied on auto correct as much)

Well the language is actually coming pretty well, it definitely is the hardest part, but the more I learn it, the more I realize how much better it is than English...English is so complicated compared to the Latin based languages. But I truly do love learning the language and especially to be able to teach in it. There is such an amazing spirit that is always there to help me and my companions when we are teaching. There is no way that I would be this far in the language without the savior, and the spirit that is here! There was such an amazing spirit here while watching conference! I loved all of the talks. It seems like more and more emphasis is being pushed towards the family, and the priesthood for the men. One of the elders and I noticed that in many talks they repeated "light of Christ," or something similar to it. How amazing is it that we are able to have a member of the godhead with us at all times, to lead and guide us if we are worthy to have him with us. Our father in heaven and our savior are always mindful of us and continually lifting us up to strengthen us and carry us wherever or through whatever we are going through. This work is so amazing.

The MTC is getting so PACKED!!! It will be so crazy during the summer when everyone is coming in after graduation and such. But it is so amazing to see everyone here and about a noble cause.

I truly am thankful for everyone that has been there for me to help support me, and lift me up. We truly are blessed beyond measure to be a part of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and to help bring others unto him. I really cannot wait to be out in the field and be able to see the peace, joy, and love that the gospel will bring to those that have been seeking for it.

Obrigado todas pessoas!
Tchau Tchau

Com Amor,

Elder Loveless

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week Three!

Elder Loveless and his district and their teacher Irma (Sister) Petitta

Hey everyone, I am so sorry I won’t be able to email everyone back, (although the people have said we can have an hour to email now, and we can email whoever, so I will check up on that and see :) ) So I will do my best to answer some of them now! Well Chica and Big R ... wow ... Ha-ha I am speechless with the story! Ha-ha! At least you noticed. Taylor congrats on getting closer to turning in your mission papers! I know that Grandma and Grandpa are very excited and proud of you! Katie Leila is a very smart girl, look at her amazing uncle...Me!!! Ha-ha I am glad you have had fun and have been able to play with them. Meg, Congrats on going through the temple, it really is amazing, and yes the rumor is true, you can’t have gum here at the MTC! Ever! ... Also Katie and Meg sounds like the color fest was fun. Thanks dad for everything, I am so happy that your birthday turned out well! Good thing you don’t have to talk and drive anymore. And apparently my companions said in my sleep I was yelling agora (now in Portuguese) but I don’t know why. The language is coming, slowly but I know it will come in the Lord’s time when I need it the most.

So this last week has been crazy, but amazing! Sister miles got her visa and is leaving today, and it has been said that more visas will be coming, but I guess we need not to worry about those things! Haha! So this last week, we were able to teach more lessons in Portuguese, and it is so amazing to see how much you really know with the short time we've been here. It is so amazing, that everyone in our district is able to bear testimony, give lessons, pray, get to know people and carry out simple conversations in Portuguese. The Lord truly is amazing in ways that are indescribable! Our Portuguese improves every lesson and it becomes stronger and stronger each time!

So Sunday....... We got to hear from Bishop Causse, and later I was able to meet with him and talk with him! He is an amazing man, along with his wife! Some things he said was, "Knowing the Lord is essential to missionary work... by understanding, and experiencing with the atonement, your desire to preach the gospel will rapidly increase. Come unto him, and you will know him." The spirit was absolutely amazing! Oh and mom, his wife said, "don’t forget your mothers tongue." What she meant is her son is speaking English right now, and his French isn’t as good... Yeah I will try not to forget English...

We later went on a temple walk, and spent almost 2.5 hours there, just reading, and enjoying the beautiful Easter Sunday and the perfect view of the temple. We really do live for temple walks! Ha-ha

So Reese....this is where you become really jealous, we got to hear from... Sheri Dew Sunday night! She was absolutely amazing! before she spoke, the MTC pres. wife had us all sing called to serve the first verse very soft, second medium, and repeat the last verse loud, and last chorus, even louder, you could feel the spirit slowly grow and become strong and stronger! It was so amazing and such a spiritual experience! so anyway, some things that she said that touched me were, "Being on a mission you get to focus on the Lord and his gospel and put everything behind you... There isn’t one day on your mission that you won’t feel the spirit if you are obedient! you can call on angels to help you... It takes the elect to gather the elect... The Savior isn’t the last chance, he is the ONLY chance... You can know that you have had a successful mission when you can look back and love the Lord more when you get home then you do now at this point... Love the Lord more than your family, future wife and or husband, and in return you will have a perfect love for the Savior and those closest to you." It truly was one of the best Easters, the best one that I have been able to focus on the Savior and all that he has done for me.

Well something happened yesterday during gym time that ended up sending my two companions and I to the BYU health clinic... So during gym, my zone leader comes up to me and tells me to go get Elder Acevedo and our tags and to meet in the physical therapy room there. we walk in, and it literally looked like Elder Eller had a baseball in his left ankle... We find out what is wrong and if he needs surgery at all today, but from what we know he has torn every ligament in his ankle, and tendons were close to snapping... He rolled it playing volley ball by the way... But we got back and I had the wonderful opportunity to give him a blessing with Elder Acevedo, Young, and Christensen standing. The spirit was so strong. Never have I been able to feel the spirit that strong during a blessing. It solidifies my testimony even more that the priesthood is reel, and it does heal and comfort. I know that all will be ok with Elder Eller, the Lord needs him out here.

The Savior really is in everything! I can testify of that. I see him help me along the way every moment I go to our father in heaven in prayer for guidance! He is always there and carrying us through our days, we just have to be willing to look for him. Words cannot describe nor will I ever be able to describe the love I have for my Savior. I know I have said this so many times before, but the Atonement is very real, it is in every aspect of our lives, and we would be nothing without its sustaining power to get us through our everyday lives. I know that he suffered for all of us individually in the garden. He is all merciful and all loving. A love that we will never be able to comprehend. I am so grateful to be out here on his mission, and I am so grateful for all of my friends and relatives that are serving the Lord. How lucky are we to have the privilege to server our brothers in sisters and bring them to the joy and happiness we get to experience day after day!

Thank you everyone for you love, pray and support for me each and every day! I truly am blessed beyond measure. I love you all! 

With love,
Elder Loveless