Thursday, April 11, 2013


Thanks to Kim Lovelace for this picture!

Well hello everyone!!

So this last week has been awesome! Conference was absolutely amazing! So if anyone doesn’t know...the chairs in rooms where devotionals are, are not comfortable in the slightest, so one of our companions had an idea to grab the gym pads and put them on our we all sat on gym pads during conference. It was really comfortable actually! It’s crazy to think that in two weeks I will be out of here and out in the field! I really cannot wait for that to come. Our district gets to host tomorrow with helping new missionaries in, it seems like just yesterday I got here, but the time is flying! We get our reassignments next week on Wednesday and our travel plans on Thursday, I am so excited to see where else I am able to serve. It’s like receiving another mission call!

Good news, Elder Eller’s foot is doing better, he said the swelling is going down a bit, but from mid shin to his toes is all purple and blue.... kind of gross, I’ll get a picture of it! Haha But it was really good to see Brother Fairbank yesterday and be able to talk with him! It was really good to see a familiar face and another friend at the MTC! Sounds like all is going well at home and for everyone! Except for the snow.....I really can’t wait for Brazil so I don’t have to deal with the bipolar Utah weather. (So sorry my grammar is terrible, I should have not relied on auto correct as much)

Well the language is actually coming pretty well, it definitely is the hardest part, but the more I learn it, the more I realize how much better it is than English...English is so complicated compared to the Latin based languages. But I truly do love learning the language and especially to be able to teach in it. There is such an amazing spirit that is always there to help me and my companions when we are teaching. There is no way that I would be this far in the language without the savior, and the spirit that is here! There was such an amazing spirit here while watching conference! I loved all of the talks. It seems like more and more emphasis is being pushed towards the family, and the priesthood for the men. One of the elders and I noticed that in many talks they repeated "light of Christ," or something similar to it. How amazing is it that we are able to have a member of the godhead with us at all times, to lead and guide us if we are worthy to have him with us. Our father in heaven and our savior are always mindful of us and continually lifting us up to strengthen us and carry us wherever or through whatever we are going through. This work is so amazing.

The MTC is getting so PACKED!!! It will be so crazy during the summer when everyone is coming in after graduation and such. But it is so amazing to see everyone here and about a noble cause.

I truly am thankful for everyone that has been there for me to help support me, and lift me up. We truly are blessed beyond measure to be a part of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and to help bring others unto him. I really cannot wait to be out in the field and be able to see the peace, joy, and love that the gospel will bring to those that have been seeking for it.

Obrigado todas pessoas!
Tchau Tchau

Com Amor,

Elder Loveless

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