Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bom Dia!

Elder Loveless and his friend Taylor Williamson

Well I hope all is well at home with everyone. It is so crazy how quick time fly’s. It feels like just yesterday I came into the MTC, and now I have less than a week till I leave. So I get a reassignment tomorrow, until my visa comes and the cool thing about it from what Irma Petitta told us is they pray over us a second time where to go. She also said that by going stateside her teaching skills improved immensely which in return helped her a ton when she got to Brazil and was learning Portuguese. I can’t wait to know where else the Lord needs my companions and me, but more importantly, we need the people to help us become who the Lord intends for us to become.

The language is coming really well, I am loving the language, and it is so beautiful. I know it will be a little different when I get to Brazil...ok it will be more different than I think, but I will love it. So many cool things happen at the MTC, especially in devotionals. So funny story real quick, when we were hosting, I got asked to help with some of the Japanese missionaries who knew no English, but it was fun! But that isn't the funny part. I was helping this new missionary, an amazing kid. we get to his residence hall, and I was telling him he needed his preach my gospel, something to write with, and his scriptures...this is where it went bad...he then looks at me like he was about to barf and his face was all red...umm Elder Loveless...I forgot my scriptures in the was really funny. So I asked him where he was from and he said California. His brothers were driving back right then, so we went to the front desk called his brothers and they brought them back. But it was so funny... maybe just to me.

Update on Elder Eller, his foot is doing really well, and looks really good! Also when I was hosting, I saw miles walking to the temple, and I was able to talk to him for a sec. But cool and funny thing happened on Sunday after temple walk. so I am walking with my district and I here some girl yelling my name. and not having heard my name in a while I just ignored it not thinking someone said my name. Then my companions say to me, Elder Loveless some girl is yelling your name! I look over and it was Teller!  It was so fun to talk to her and take a picture with her.

I think that is about the just of my stories for the week. But yea, I will be calling home either Wednesday or Thursday about my reassignment, so mom if you could post it and let everyone know where I have been reassigned.

One thing that I have loved since the first day here at the MTC, is the spirit. The spirit is so strong here and can constantly be felt. In the devotional on Sunday Greg Droubay from Springville talked with us about how the church is expanding by using technology especially in New York and the UK. But he told us a story about how in a roundabout way the Book of Mormon play is helping the church. He reaffirmed us that that play is a wicked and filthy play, but in all of the programs that are sold and handed out, the church put their own add in there with a number to call and get a free Book of Mormon and a number for missionaries!  but something even funnier, he went to Elder Holland and Nelson and was telling them that buses and adds in the UK said " the Mormons’ are coming" implying for the Book of Mormon play and the reply from Elder Holland and Nelson was "well then let’s go." it was so awesome but because of those efforts to make fun of the church, the church is growing from it. It shows that evil will always be here, and will continue to grow strong against the church, but this work will not stop. The world is getting worse, and quite frankly scary, but how lucky are we to know the peach and joy and happiness of the gospel. I am so thankful for my opportunity to be out here in the field, to be an instrument in his hands. I love this gospel more than anything. Another thing that Greg Drubay said that reminded me of what Brian told to Reese and then me, was "the key to missionary work is Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement." it is so true. I can testify of that, that without having faith in the savior and without his atonement, that this work would not be possible or progress. Having read the Book of Mormon while here, every book testifies of the savior, and especially Moroni 7 and Ether 12 that talk about faith, and without it nothing would be possible. I know that it is because of the faith of the wonderful people in this church that the work is able to progress. I am so happy beyond measure to be able to get my new assignment to go out into the field and teach anyone about our savior, his gospel and most importantly his atonement.

I love you all! This may be my last email in the MTC.

Love you all

Elder Loveless

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