Saturday, April 20, 2013


Indiana, USA and Campinas, Brazil
I seriously couldn't be more excited to be going to Indianapolis, Indiana! It is so crazy to think that Uncle Donald and I have the same missions. I wish I would have had the opportunity to have met that great man.
Elder Loveless and Dallen Done (A distant cousin)
Well a ton has happened this week, I will save the best for last though. But we had infield orientation on Thursday for 9 hours, and it was so sweet! I really can’t wait to get out into the field to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so fortunate and privileged to be able to serve him in this work that is booming. I have received so much from him, I hope I can somewhat give back. One thing that we have realized is how important member missionary work is. If members aren't attending lessons, or helping the missionaries with fellow shipping the new converts it makes it that much harder. And especially if the missionaries do not work with the ward and gain their trust it also makes it that much harder. This work is so amazing, and it gets me so excited to go out and work with members at my side to be able to bring others unto this beautiful gospel.
Elder Loveless and his district
Now here is the cool part...Richard G. Scott came on Tuesday! It was so amazing! We were able to sit 15-20 feet away from him, dead center! It was so amazing! Right as the doors opened and we saw his brilliant smile on his face everyone stood up in respect and the spirit immediately was filled throughout the room! The spirit testified to all of us that he is a prophet of God! I can’t tell you how strong the spirit was, and how amazing the experience was to be able to see and hear from him. (He also speaks Spanish and Portuguese and spoke Portuguese to all of us. He also translates his own talks for conferences. Didn’t know that!)  He based his talk around prayer. Something’s that he said is "you will never regret the service you give." "Prayer is a supernal gift from father to every soul." "He sent us to succeed gloriously, and wants us to succeed." “Share your deepest feelings w/ father and feel the feelings coming back." "Seek what he wants for you." Say your prayers out loud." “Be thankful for when he lets us struggle." "Greater the faith, greater the character." then the most amazing part of it all, he gave us an apostolic blessing. The blessing and the spirit was indescribable. Here is what I was best able to jot down form the blessing. "You can learn the language, and you will be blessed immensely from this experience. Especially you sisters, you will be amazing wives and mothers. A blessing of peace I give you that you have been called by inspiration. You haven’t been called to do something you can’t do. You can master the language and you will through him." After he sat down we sang, and funniest thing, a sister stood up to say the prayer, and he jumped up and literally ran to the pulpit to say something else. He then said, "He has called you to succeed and not to fail. He will not abandon you. He knows you. You will discover more about yourselves that you never knew before. Remember you have been called by Him who lives. He will fit the task to your capabilities." He then gave a simple but one of the most powerful testimonies, “He lives, I know that He lives. And He loves you." So simple are the words from the prophets, apostles, and especially children. So simple but so strong and sincere.  It seriously was an amazing experience.
Elder Loveless and Elder Priest as hosts
On Wednesday when I was hosting, I was able to host with Elder Priest and it was so amazing to talk with him and be able to be with a familiar face and a best friend. I really am truly lucky to have such an amazing family, amazing friends, and companions. I really can’t wait to serve in Indianapolis, then Brazil. Also Ryan at TRC last night we talked with two Brazilians, and they have been called to serve in Londrina and can’t wait. So yeah! Thank you everyone for all of the support you have given me. I truly am blessed beyond measure. This really is the true gospel and how privileged are we to be a part of it! I am so grateful for this work.
I love you all!
With love, Elder Loveless

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