Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Elder Loveless with his companions. Left: Elder Eller, Right: Elder Acevedo

Well hello everyone! I hope you were able to see the pictures, its kind of a pain to try and send them through email. But we ended up waking up at 540 to get laundry done. Some elders were up at 3. Doing laundry with 4000 other missionaries in one room....yeah its like an ant hill and you are trying to climb over everyone to get to the this case a washer. But it was really quick and easy to go early in the morning. And can I just add, I don't like how this doesn't automatically capitalize your words or help me with spelling. Well I was able to see Nate as he was walking into the MTC. It was awesome to see one of my best friends in the same fight against the adversary. This work is truly amazing, and I will never be able to comprehend how lucky I am to be a servant of the Lord. So family and friends, thank you so much for the fast. I participated in it with you, and I felt of the love of the Savior, and the love of those that were fasting on my behalf. Never before have I been able to feel of such love from people I have not seen. So I thank you with all my heart. The language is coming. I know that it will come not when I want it but in the time that the Lord has in store for me. Since being here for almost two weeks, I have come to rely on the Lord and our Father in Heaven in all things. I only wish I would have done that more while growing up, but hey that is why we are here on this earth is to grow closer to our Father in Heaven, our Savior, and the Holy Ghost. Its a process that we all must go through and must never stop. The Atonement is everything. It is in everything, we just have to be willing to look for it, and use it. I only wish that I would be able to ever repay my savior for what he has done for me. It brings me much sadness for things that I have done in the past carelessly when he has done everything for me, but it brings me a happiness and joy that I will never have words to describe; to know that someone loves me and it is an unconditional love. I love my Savior with all my heart.
Elder Loveless and his friend Elder Nathan Priest
So Sunday was amazing like usual. We listened to a talk by Elder Bednar, Characters of Christ. That was one of the most amazing talks I have ever heard. In it he tells of an experience of meeting with recent converts in foreign countries, and asking them about their experience with the missionaries. They said it was weird to be taught about gold plates, the godhead appearing to Joseph Smith and about the temples. He said these answers were universal. He then asked them why then did you join? We joined because of what we felt. The missionaries had a broken language, and could barely say what they wanted to, but we knew that they cared and wanted us to receive the message of Jesus Christ. This hit me so strong. Knowing that I will not be able to speak perfect Portuguese when I first get out there, but it is not my language that will convert them, it is not me. It is the spirit. The spirit is in everything when we are about the Lord's work. after hearing this talk, I came to the the conclusion that when teaching, trying to learn the language, and growing closer to my savior, it is not about what I WANT, It is about WHAT CAN I DO. When we are willing to forget ourselves and realize that our wants is not what matters, but it is the desire to do, we will be blessed beyond measure and we will come to appreciate our Savior and his atonement even more.

Elder Loveless and his District
So I am so sorry for not mentioning our teachers names, we have Irma Petitta, and Irmo Duerden. both are absolutely amazing and bring a spirit that is absolutely amazing. They are our "investigators" and our teachers. But I love them with all my heart. The patience level that they have for 9 elders and 3 sisters is amazing. Some of us the language is easy, and some it is hard. but they love each of us and are willing to help in everything. So in our district meeting last Tuesday, one of the elders said, "I know that each of you would die for the Savior." and President Hodges wife said, "It is more important to live for our savior then to die for him." that hit me so strong. Our Savior died so that we could live. Why shouldn't we give our all to Him, and bringing others to Him. Living for the Savior and being willing to accept His atonement is some of the single most important things we can do.

Well I have said enough, but I know that what I am doing is right. I know with all my hearth that our Father in Heaven lives, and that our Savior did suffer and die for us. With out the Atonement I would be nothing. I love this work. It is hastening, and it is our privilege to be apart of it. I love the gospel with all my heart.
Love you all,
Love Elder Loveless

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week One!

Hey Everyone!!
           Well first week was amazing! There is such an amazing spirit here that is constantly felt as long as you are obedient, and dedicating yourself to the Lord, there is no reason for it to not be felt. Some days have been tough and somewhat long but I guess that is what makes us stronger right?!?! :) But anyway, I am in a trio with Elder Aceveda, and Eller, both are absolutely amazing, and very out going. Elder Aceveda is really good with Spanish, so Portuguese coming a lot easier for him then Elder Eller and I, but it is coming. The second day we learned how to pray in Portuguese, and on Friday we learned how to bear testimony in Portuguese. Also on Friday we gave our first lessons in Portuguese to a guy named Joao (accent over the a...ask big R) but any way, it went all right. Saturday was better though. Sunday came around and it was by far the best day yet. The spirit was so strong throughout the entire day. Saturday I was trying to take in as much of the language as possible, and I overwhelmed myself. But then Sunday came around, and Sister Stevenson for the devotional bore the most amazing testimony. In it she said, "Do all that you can, and turn the rest over to the Lord." That was a turning point for our companionship. When Monday morning came, we taught Joao, and the spirit was so strong while teaching the restoration, and asking him to read the book of Mormon. We were able to understand the just of what he was saying and was somewhat able to respond back more than we thought. The times I have felt more and more like a missionary is when we are in the discussions. The spirit truly is in everything when we are about the Lord's work. The spirit truly is amazing, and I will forever be grateful for it. I know that without the spirit I would not be able to progress in the language like I am. And Reese you were right, I have learned more Portuguese in the first week than two years of Spanish in high school! haha.
But Mom I am sorry to hear about Rex. Tell the Jensen's that I put there name on the prayer role and I'm praying for them. I cant thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I truly love you and our family more than ever and feel closer to you all each and every day.
I cant thank you all enough for the packages, and letters. I LOVE THEM....You all can send more if you would like.... haha but really thank you all for your thoughts and prayers on my behalf, I truly have felt of them. This work is absolutely amazing. The Lord truly is hastening his work. How blessed are we to be able to be apart of this glorious gospel in this day and age. Even though the times are getting worse and frankly scary, we have a light up ahead that we are able to help others see. I love this gospel, I love being able to be a missionary. I love it more than anything. I will not lie, I have never worked this hard in my life, especially with the language, but I have felt of the sustaining power of the spirit, and it has helped me to continue forward in the work.
But I haven't said yet, President Hodges is my branch president, and Brother Brough, and Bartholomew,  are in the presidency. They truly are amazing. We spend about 8-10 hours a day in one room, and to be perfectly honest... its like putting 12 desks into a room my size, its really cramped in there, but thank goodness the weather is nice and we are able to go outside. I love my district, we are all able to get along well, and we are all able to strengthen each other every day. I'm sorry if I haven't answered everyone's questions, but I'm doing my best! 
I hope all is well back home. I'm praying for all of you, and I love you.
But I better go, we are allowed thirty minutes and my time is almost up.
Thank you again for everything. Love you all,
Elder Loveless

Friday, March 15, 2013

We have contact!

Elder Loveless with Elder Hyrum Miller
We were excited to received a letter from Elder Loveless in the mail today that he had written Wednesday evening, so we thought we would include some parts of the letter. We also received a picture from our neighbor! Her son is currently in the MTC, and will be leaving for his mission in the next week. Enjoy!

Ola Famillia!
     Well we were told to write you/everyone that we are ok and no need to worry! Today has been amazing! We got straight to work but I love it! Sooo I got put into a trio/threesome with Elder Acevedo who is from Kentucky, but hasn't told me much else. But I was first put with Elder Eller who is amazing. he is from Layton and is the youngest with a niece Leila's age, and a couple more, and he is the baby also.
     Also I don't have much time, but this is for Katie. Elder Eller's sister is serving in San Jose and comes home in July, and absolutely loves it out there and siad it is such an amazing place. you will have such a great mission.
     Mom & Dad I can't thank you enough for everything you two have done! I love you guys and owe everything to you and our savior.
     Well I need to have companionship study! But a final thanks to my siblings for their help and strength to me. I love you all. And thanks to my friends.

With Love,
Elder Loveless

P.S. Elder Eller is also going to Campinas.

Emailing Elder Loveless

The address for Elder Loveless is on the previous post, but here is his email:
Another good way to contact him is by using it's free and they print it out and deliver it to him.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mission Call Opening

Here is a video of Gary's opening his mission call made by his brother-in-law Ryan.

Here is his MTC address if you need it:

Elder Gary Warren Loveless
MTC Mailbox # 245
BRA-CAM 0423
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

Thank you all for your support!

Called to Serve

 Here is Elder  Loveless  walking off with his luggage!  We're so proud of him,  and the great missionary he is.