Friday, March 15, 2013

We have contact!

Elder Loveless with Elder Hyrum Miller
We were excited to received a letter from Elder Loveless in the mail today that he had written Wednesday evening, so we thought we would include some parts of the letter. We also received a picture from our neighbor! Her son is currently in the MTC, and will be leaving for his mission in the next week. Enjoy!

Ola Famillia!
     Well we were told to write you/everyone that we are ok and no need to worry! Today has been amazing! We got straight to work but I love it! Sooo I got put into a trio/threesome with Elder Acevedo who is from Kentucky, but hasn't told me much else. But I was first put with Elder Eller who is amazing. he is from Layton and is the youngest with a niece Leila's age, and a couple more, and he is the baby also.
     Also I don't have much time, but this is for Katie. Elder Eller's sister is serving in San Jose and comes home in July, and absolutely loves it out there and siad it is such an amazing place. you will have such a great mission.
     Mom & Dad I can't thank you enough for everything you two have done! I love you guys and owe everything to you and our savior.
     Well I need to have companionship study! But a final thanks to my siblings for their help and strength to me. I love you all. And thanks to my friends.

With Love,
Elder Loveless

P.S. Elder Eller is also going to Campinas.

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