Monday, December 30, 2013

Bitter Sweet!

Elder Loveless and his District
Elder Loveless and the Sisters from his District
Man this is so hard. I never though it would be this hard to leave. I honestly have felt really sad and depressed about leaving, but I also feel so much love and comfort in going. It is a huge limbo. I will never be able to say and put into feelings how grateful I am to have been able, and privileged to serve my Father and my Savior here in Indiana. I feel a great deal of trust from my Father and Savior that they are allowing me to serve in two different areas. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people, friends, and brothers and sisters I have met here in Indiana. I will always have part of my heart here.

Christmas Eve with the Roger's
Christmas was great! It was so amazing to hear from my family, and to talk with them! Truly was the highlight of my Christmas to be able to read letters from those I love most, and to be able to reflect on what the Savior has done for me!
Elder Loveless with the Wades
Elder Loveless with the Crockers
Elder Loveless with Sister Miter
Well, I'm ready for the 80+ degree weather...yup I'm ready!

Love you all,

Elder Loveless

Elder Loveless with Heather Wall and Eric Gallagher
Elder Loveless with Zachary Barber 
Elder Loveless and some of the District
Christmas Mice

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