Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Pictures from the Mission Christmas Party
Can I just say how crazy this week is going to be and how crazy this last week was...

well before we went to church we had breakfast and opened the drawers with nothing in them...we come home 3 hours later to find mice droppings filled in all the drawers and in our suit cases...with 3 hours later of smelling like Clorox and moving to the other elders apartment I still smell like Clorox! haha all good though!

Christmas presents from the mice ...
This last week was really great! We had such a good week of sharing Christmas message! I have loved being able to see the people here more of how the savior would see people! I love reading the account of Simeon, "30 For mine eyes have seen thy salvation," as I was reading that and sharing it with people, I've never felt so much peace this time of year! I can literally feel the salvation of the father, through His sons atonement! This is one of the best Christmases, it has helped me see and feel of the best Christmas I have ever had, and that was when my dad was out of work. So many people brought peace and love to our family for all they did to us, and I will forever be tahnkful to everyone that showed us love! I know that each member of my family felt of the saviors love, peace and of his atonement that Christmas, and being out here has helped me even more!

It is crazy to think I will be in Brazil next week! I've waited for so long to go, and now my heart is being torn in two! I've found who the lord wants me to be here in Indiana, and I've found my eternal friends! I want to go and I don't! I don't like the feeling, but I feel privileged to serve two missions for my father and my Savior!

I love you all and wish you all a happy and Merry Christmas!

With Love,

Elder Loveless
Elder Loveless and Elder Litster
Elder Hallstrom and Elder Loveless
Josh and Elder Loveless
Jessica and Elder Loveless
The Perkins and Elder Loveless

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