Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm Here :) (We updated his address too!)

Welcome to Brazil!
So my first area in this mission is Jacaré! It is so beautiful here! I finally have mountains again! Also not very big spiders! Prayers are answered! Haha! I love the people here! They are so sweet, and humble and their spirit is so amazing! 

My first comp is Elder Mendes from Espirito Santo, and he speaks a little English! I live with Elder Henriques from Brazil and Elder De La Cruz from Peru! No english in our apartment! Haha! But I love serving with them!
The language is hard, I can speak more than I can understand. I had a special experience, we were in a lesson and I couldnt understand everything, but I felt prompted to say something, and it was just what they needed! I am so grateful that there is one language we can all share. The spirit is so amazing! I'm also considered tall here...who would've thunk it! 
One good thing about not understanding Portugues very well is I can't tell when we are getting anti-ed! Haha! We were in a house and this lady started ranting off at us and I started to feel the spirit of the adversary the same spirit I felt when I was anti-ed in Indiana, and then I thought to myself, "I think we are getting anti-ed right now...yup! " Haha 
I love you all so very much! I cant thank you all for the prayers! I have really needed them! I feel your love! I hope everyone is warm...It's hot here! Haha I love it!
Ate mais!
Elder Loveless

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