Monday, January 27, 2014


This last week was great! We had 2 baptisms! Priscila, and Janie! It truly was a special experience to able to help them come closer to Christ and help them receive salvation. It is so amazing that we get to help others walk towards the celestial kingdom; and we don’t have to be a full time missionary to do it. I really feel blessed to be able to help my savior in His work to bring our Father’s children back to him. So amazing.

This last week was so amazing! Loved it! The language is coming a lot better than before! It has increased so much! I was looking so hard for the big miracles of my language improving when i was looking past the small simple things my Father was blessing me with! Something Reese taught me before the mission that has helped me more than anything, “look for the small miracles every day, and you will see them compile into great miracles." It is so true! As I’ve looked for the small things day in and day out, I see the Lord’s hand more, and it is Always there!

Special experience yesterday during sacrament. I was thinking a lot about how blessed we are to have His sacrifice, and as i was picking up the bread to partake, i felt so strongly in my heart that i was literally being held by Him. His hand really is Always there, and the sacrament is the key for us to continually be worthy of His love, to receive answers to our prayers. I love this gospel, I know it’s true! I know it!


Jaine Baptism
Priscilla Baptism

Gary and Jordan Caplin (Gary's cousin's friend) in Indiana

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