Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Muito Chuva!

This last week was great! We were able to pick up many new investigators, and 2 families! It is so amazing! We have the best Ward mission leader in the zone! We have a meeting with him, and each week when we are with him he calls up his friends, (oh his name is Renato) and tell them he is bringing the missionaries over to share a message about Jesus Christ! He is so amazing! So yesterday we went to a lesson with Renato, and it was so amazing. Renato told us how when he first joined in Recife, he would walk 16 miles to go to church, he is a saint.

So yesterday after that lesson with Renato and the Family we visited, we got dumped on! In a matter of minutes the streets had 6 inches of water! It was legit! I was soaked! We got a Picture, I will try and send it soon!

The language is starting to come a lot more than before. It’s hard still but I know I’m not alone. I’ve received a lot of comfort reading the Book of Mormon. I don’t understand it all in Portuguese, but I know what I feel. I know that it is said, "If we want to talk with God we pray, if we want him to talk with us, we read the scriptures." Sometimes I feel we need to read the scriptures not to learn more of what is taught, but to feel God’s love, and feel him telling us that all is right and he loves us. The Book of Mormon has so much power, I feel bad that I’ve not put more trust in it in the past!

Love you all so much! I can’t thank you for the prayers, and birthday wishes,


 Elder Loveless and Elder Eller with President Cleveland before leaving Indiana
Elder Loveless and Elder Eller with new mission president, President Perrotti

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