Monday, February 3, 2014


So it is ROASTIN here! It was so hot last week! Everything we drink we just sweat it's so hot and wet! Haha i admire all you freezing people...I miss the snow! haha

So we had a cool experience today actually, and it was so amazing to see the Lord's hand in everything,

We were trying to find this store that we needed to go to, and I turned around to see this lady pushing her car, so I yelled to Elder Mendes, and we went and pushed her car to where she needed it. Right as we stopped pushing her car, we were in front of the store! I know it was "just a store," that we needed to get to, but it is so amazing how the Lord's hand is in everything! He loves us and is Always guiding us!

Also we have had some amazing experiences with the Book of Mórmon!  I've made it mine own goal that everywhere I walk that I will have one in my hand to give to someone, and the Lord has Always guided me to whoever needs it! Jacob 6:5

We are so blessed to have the Book of Mórmon...there are so many imperfect things in this world,  and we have few perfect things in our possession, and the Book of Mormon is what is holding together this great plan! I love that book!

So some things I love about Brazil,
-pão de queijo
-churros com creme (thanks Big R)
-of course...Guaraná!

bad thing is...all this stuff is changing up my insides!

Love you all so much!

Elder Loveless

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