Tuesday, October 1, 2013

:) Oh how sweet

I have seen so many blessings this past week...(well not the satan spider that tried to kill Elder Eller and took us 10 minutes or so to get the nerves to suck it up with the vacuum...brazil will be scary...I’m glad I will have a wife one day and daughters to kill the spiders for my sons and I...)

So to the blessings, one of which was a priesthood blessing. I have been getting a ton of bug bites randomly and they spread and get huge and itch like crazy…(I’m ok mom :) ) so I was receiving a blessing for that from Elder Eller. We weren't even talking about Brazil or anything and then he paused for a while and said these words, "Our Father in Heaven wants you to know your time left in Indiana is short. Share your testimony of the truthfulness of this work to all who are willing to listen." It was such an amazing blessing. I know my visa will come in his time. I have learned just as the apostle Paul did to be content in whatever situation the Lord puts you in.

I love the scripture in John 9: 5 "as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world." I can’t see the light and the end of the tunnel for when my visa will come, but I know where I can find my light and that is enough for me to see. I love my Savior with all my heart! He lives, as I have strived to do the promise in PMG that the more we study about the atonement of our Savior the stronger the desire we will have to share the gospel! How true is that! He lives...Why should I not share that!

We also had such an amazing lesson with a member family about the priesthood but we put a different approach on it on how the women in our lives bless us as priesthood holders. I will tell you I am sad to hear about the women protesting to have the priesthood. How sad. Their calling is so much more amazing than ours as priesthood holders. I do not know where I would be without the women in my live. They have given me a reason to live worthy of my priesthood and a reason to strive for the better. I would not be on a mission right now without the women that have so tenderly loved me and helped me be worthy!

Love you all with all my heart!

Elder Loveless

Elder Loveless and Elder Eller eating with Eric and Heather

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