Monday, September 23, 2013

:) Sweet Week!

Elder Loveless and Elder Eller with President and Sister Cleveland

So much has happened :) So Heather is committed to baptism on the 9th of November :) and Eric is working towards it :) I want to relay an experience I had last week.

I was kneeling down in prayer and was feeling prompted to pray for Heather, and I didn't know why...I then wake up at 620 to see this text..."I found myself not being able to sleep for 3 hours. But I was woken suddenly. I felt a sense of power and urge to read a certain area in the Book of Mormon. Moroni spoke to me, I was looking through the names of the books and a very strong urge in my heart and mind told me to read the last book. I read the very last chapter, suddenly I started to cry and prayed to God. "Tell me this is true, Please God." I felt a warm feeling around me like someone was there holding me, comforting me. I let the feeling go on. I wasn't afraid. I believe I was touched and reassured by the Lord...I am overjoyed, I never have felt anything like this before. I know this is where I belong. He is my light and I will forever praise him."

Last picture with Elder Wall
This gospel is so amazing! This gospel produces miracles for the faithful and willing heart! I know that the Book of Mormon is true that it is the word of God. I know He lives just as Heather does for I to have felt that love and comfort of my Father! We are a blessed people!

Elder Loveless with Elder Buck and Elder Mathias at a Zone Conference
We have been anti-ed a ton this past week but it reassures me that God lives. For he loves us and is not willing to allow us to be succumbed by this evil when we are striving to work towards him! He lives! I know that with all my heart! He has comforted me in many times of need and even when I have felt overwhelmed just as the sons of Mosiah...this gospel is so amazing! I love my Savior for I know He suffered for us all! And I love the scripture in John 5: 20. Everything our Savior does, our Father has showed Him and has done Himself. It makes me think of the home...our parents teach us the way of the is coming to the point where the Home HAS to be the MTC. I will forever be thankful for my parents making my home a MTC so that I would be ready for the work of the Lord. Love you mom and dad with all my heart! We are so lucky to have earthly parents, but more blessed than ever to have Heavenly parents and a brother to show us the way!

Love you all,

Elder Loveless

Elder Loveless in the jungles of Indiana

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