Monday, October 7, 2013


So crazy thing happened last night...Got a call from President saying, “Elder Eller, Elder have been here long enough and haven't left yet. Elder Eller you will be leaving and training, Elder Loveless you will stay and be training."
So crazy...I was blessed to train up in Niles for a while never thought it would come again. I feel so blessed to have the trust from my Father in Heaven to train in this outstanding work! I pray it is a visa waiter :) but I will do what the Lord will have me do. Our visas will come in his time... His time is definitely not our time...Its long...ha-ha Love it!!!

So a lot of cool experiences, I will be quick! We got permission from President Cleveland to go to Hoosier Hysteria at I U for their huge pep rally...4 of us elders were on the big screen twice all in our I U HOOOSIER gear! it was so cool! we caught a shirt that we are going to give to president! It was sweet!

We also had a cool experience this morning... an Asian man we have talked to that I gave a Book of Mormon to came up to me and said, "I love this book you gave me, and I want to send it to my friends in Asia. Can I have two more? And will you put your names in it??" It was so cool! The Book of Mormon is true! It changes lives, and its power to convert with the power of the spirit is so amazing and it is the power of God. Love this gospel.

Man I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved Conference! So cool! I loved how President Monson said that this was the most inspiring conference! That Man of God has been to many and this was the most inspiring. WE all have a lot to take from it and if the Prophet was inspired I pray we all will do as he does :)

Elder Dube was so cool! I loved how he said, “Never look back. Look at what we still have to do...we all need to be equally yoked in the hastening of the work...the Lord is leading us." How profound! That was so amazing. We all have done a lot of work. Those who have served missions have done a lot of work but must look forward and see all the lives they can still bless! It greatly affected me! I know I must look forward to the work He needs me to do! I want to be a part of that present that Elder Ballard said we can all give to the Savior. He has given me all that I family, friends, and His love. I can’t wait to continually share his gospel and do my best to GIVE to HIM. I love my father in heaven I am grateful for his "stewards that oversee the household of God here on earth." (PMG) I know that he was speaking to us this weekend. I know that they love us, and we can show our love to them and please them by keeping the commandments. One of which is to preach the gospel! I love my Savior for His love to me. As His imperfect missionary, I know He loves me, and that is what keeps me going!

Love you all so much!

Elder mom...Loveless :)

 Marinated Chicken with Sauteed Spinach (Gary's was pretty proud of this meal he made)
 Priesthood Session with Zach
Gary and Elder Eller with Heather and Eric

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