Monday, October 14, 2013

:) Elllo every one!

Elder Clifton and Elder Loveless
So I am training Elder Clifton from Orem Utah ... (didn't need to say Utah everyone knows where Orem is).

Elder Clifton, Elder Loveless and Elder Eller with his new companion
He is awesome! We have a lot of fun together! Training is really fun but also it is hard and exhausting! You really learn to rely on the Lord more and more every day as a missionary! I regret not relying on him more and turning to him when times were Hard. I learned a lot when finishing up Helaman how the people only turn to the Lord when times are hard, I know that I have found myself doing that, but I realize I need to rely on him constantly! I have put so many sticky notes around my desk and wall that when I read them I can think of my savior and come to love him more! I truly love my Savior for his love and sacrifice. :)

Brother and Sister Johnson, Elder Sperry, Elder Loveless, Elder Hallstrom, and Elder Eller
 The work is progressing very well, I love it here! I truly do love Indiana, and someday I will serve in the other parts of HIS vineyard. I loved the lesson about the plan of salvation, when Adam and Eve fell, they weren't able to see and be with God, he still showed an immense amount of love to them and still reached down to pick them up when they "fell" by sending angels, speaking to them. We are too, like Adam and Eve. WE all fall, but we all are being picked up by our dear Father and Savior, we just have to let them pick us up and reach out to them! I love you all so very much! Love serving here :)

Elder Loveless

The Wade family with the Elder Loveless, Elder Sperry, Elder Eller, and Elder Hallstrom

Elder Loveless with the Wade family

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