Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So we just found out that I will be staying here in Itupeva and Elder Raudney will be leaving! I will miss him, he did so much to help me with the language! 

So this last week I had a was terrible...everything I ate gave me stomach aches, and it was bad, but I took some medicine and I'm great now! 

So we had some amazing experiences last week! We have so many new investigators, but we have 10 right now that live together and aren't married, and its expensive here for them to get married...little difficult.

But here is the experience. We were teaching a lesson to our investigatores and this little girl wouldnt stop playing and leaving my comp he was drawing with her on the table and had me continue teaching with this member. As we were teaching the spirit was so strong, and I realized I didnt have my comp to help me if I needed the help with my Portuguese. I said a little prayer asking Him to help me to speak with clarity. Well I know He hears us and answers our prayers! As I and the member shared the first vision and the book of mormon, I could litteraly feel a power working through me that was not mine own. As I felt that spirit, I paused and told them, "that same power you just felt is the spirit telling you these things are true. Now it is up to you to make the decision." That is the thing I love most about being a missionary. Just as Ammon states in Alma 17: 11 that they are instruments in the Lord's hands bringing about this great work. I love being able to feel Him work through me and members. So amazing to know that He trusts us with His children! 

I love the happiness that we can feel while serving a mission. I love how it says in "Savior redeemer of my soul" "hath filled with sweet my bitter cup." No matter how bitter we think things are, or we may think no one knows...well He does because he drank the bitter cup, and we only have to drink the sweet that he has filled in ours. Happy moments are always here on the mission and when we aren't serving, we just have to look! 

Love you all,

Elder Loveless
Elder Tray Whick, Elder Loveless, Elder Miller
Michel, Elder Loveless, Gabriel, Bruno, Douglas, Elder Raudney

Elder Loveless and Elder Raudney

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