Monday, August 5, 2013

'ello Everyone

So we had a really good week! We found a lot of potentials and some people that are very hopeful. Crazy thing happened though, we were looking for a street to tract till an appointment. We went to a particular street, and we felt impressed to go to only one house. We went there, and it turned out to be a former investigator that we have been searching for. She was wanting to talk with us, and needed a blessing so we are meeting with her tomorrow! It is so touching and amazing to see His hand in all things when we are obedient and strive to do His will! I love the spirit and our Savior and Father for all they do to guide us each day! :)

Funniest story...seriously it is awesome. So Elder Howell has been trying to figure out why his whole mission (14 months) that he is wide awake in the morning and in the afternoon he is dead tired and irritable. Well come to find out that his vitamins are one a day "energy". We looked on the back and come to see that it is 90 milligrams of caffeine. "Equivalent to a cup of coffee." our companion has been addicted to caffeine for 14 months! Hahahahahahaha! It was so funny! He went cold turkey the next day....let’s just say he has been exhausted the past few days! Ha-ha so funny! Now he can relate to investigators struggling to give up coffee, he is struggling to give up vitamins! Ha-ha.

Well I had a very touching study yesterday, I was reading in the end of Matthew, and when the angel appears to Mary and says, "He is not here, for he is risen." The spirit engulfed my whole soul and it was such a precious truth that was taught to me. He lives. I know it and I have felt it in my everyday life as a missionary. Also came across a quote from the quorum of the 12, "Of all titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to deity, He has asked us to address Him as Father." How profound is that. Our Father has asked us to call Him buy his calling, our Father. That is one of the greatest doctrines we will ever be able to preach or understand that He is our Father, and we ARE His Children. Every time I say that I feel His spirit fill me up! I love being a missionary!

Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to share something that Zach gave to me in a letter, it was about 2 months ago he was baptized, but he said to me, "it has been so amazing to have been taught about the Savior and His Father by you. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the Father for putting you in Indiana. Yelling at you guys as you walked away that first day, was a prompting of the spirit, and I am so glad I listened to that prompting." All I can say is I am eternally in debt to my Father in Heaven to be placed in this part of his vineyard to be put in this great man’s path. I love being able to serve where ever the Lord wants me. I know I’m not in Brazil yet, but that does not matter, what matters is there are people here that are still blessing my life and are teaching me.

I love you all, I love this work with all my heart,
Love you family and friends,

Elder Loveless

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