Monday, August 26, 2013

:) ello!

So we got a call from president last night about transfers! Elder Rigby is staying to train, and President told me he had a special assignment for me...who knows maybe I will go to a Spanish area or something! I have no idea what to expect! I’ll let you all know next week :)
It will be hard to leave this area, this last week we started out with one investigator committed and now we have 5, with another progressing and 8 other investigators! We are also meeting with 10 or so less actives a week! It has been awesome and I will miss it! But I know we are meant to go where the lord intends for us to go!
So an interesting experience last week, I got to go on exchanges to the Spanish are in south bend (supper ghetto) and we had some appointments and they understood Portuguese, so I started to help give the lessons in Portuguese and Spanish! It was so sweet! My heart longs to teach in Portuguese, when I do there is a different spirit that I feel that I can’t explain! But I know just as the apostle Paul states to the romans that trials a tribulations worked patience and brunet experience! My time will come to go to Brazil but it is not this day! I love being a missionary wherever we serve! I still wish I would have been involved with this sacred work when I was home!
But a funny experience! We were in a Spanish home and I heard all about the new endowment video...we were trying to stop her and tell her that we shouldn’t talk about it...but every time we would she would stop us. I finally asked her if I could use the bathroom and if she could show me where it was... good thing she got side tracked easily! Ha-ha man! Needless to say I know the video will be amazing!

But we were able to give talks in church yesterday and part of my talk was based off of something elder Ballard said about missionary experiences! He said when finding someone for the missionaries to teach, don’t think of people to have them teach, rather set a deadline up ahead and pray for the lord to place someone in your path. As you do that you will always find someone for the missionaries to teach, if you are prepared and willing to have faith! Such an amazing promise I know that is true it happens every day as a missionary, but I have come to realize that it too can happen when I am not set a part as an elder! Man I love being able to serve my father and my savior! I could not ask for anything else! I have found myself but more importantly I have found my father and savior! And it will forever change me!

I love you all! Thank you for everything! Love,
Elder Loveless

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