Monday, August 19, 2013

:) Up here in the outskirts of the Indiana mission!

Elder Rigby and Elder Loveless
So, Elder Rigby is awesome! He is from Layton, Utah, and is in his last week of training now! He is awesome and is a really good teacher! I’m excited to work with him :) love the Elder! really is huge up here! We have about 7 different main towns to work in in the Niles area, and each is about 30-45 minutes from our home, but it is awesome! We are working a lot with less actives and helping them feel of our Fathers love again. It is so sad to see others fall away. It is so important for all to know that it is not only us as members that want them back but our savior is pleading for them to come back. That is why missionaries and home teachers are so important in the work of the Lord! We need to find the 1 lost sheep and bring them back to the love that they have been missing.

We had an awesome lesson with a new investigator Tasha! It was awesome we established our purpose and taught her about the Book of Mormon. She accepted it, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized! I can’t even begin to describe the joy that comes from knowing that someone is willing to follow our Savior. When people say it feels as if someone is ripping my heart out and smashing it! It is so sad to see others decline the gospel.

Hoooooolly cow there are a ton of Seventh Day Adventists up here...yup!

In my reading this morning I was reading in Alma 29, and I to feel as Alma does that I could "speak with a voice of thunder." sometimes I wish we could just shake people to wake them up with a voice of thunder. It is so sad to see others reject our savior. But later on he describes how much he has seen success. Not just of himself but success of others! Oh how I love seeing others come unto Christ! I love working with less actives and helping them see what they are missing or haven't seen before! What a beautiful opportunity we have to be on the earth in this day in age and help others see the light not the darkness!

Love you all so very much!

Elder Loveless

"Elder Holland came to a stake here in Indiana, president told us what he said,” the future of the church in Indiana is in your hands. Open your mouth and talk to everyone."" that is how it should be throughout the world. We all need to be bolder in opening our mouths of the restored gospel :) that is our calling as members."

Elder Loveless and his companions saying goodbye to the Griesmers

Elder Loveless and his companions saying goodbye to Captains
Elder Loveless and Elder Wall
Elder Loveless and his companions saying goodbye to Zach

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