Monday, November 24, 2014

Super Happy!

Elder Loveless singing in the rain ... without his umbrella
I’m so excited! So I’m staying here in Vida Nova for at least one more transfer with Elder Francisco and Elder Goodfellow (he’ll get his new comp tomorrow) so excited to be able to continue forward these last 12 weeks of my mission with people who love the Lord. I truly am so blessed to be a part of this great work.

So we found 2 different people that are amazing! 

A lady Monica, a single mom. She is doing so great! She loved the first message and began to read the Book of Mormon. She is loving it. She also lost her dad a while back and the Plan of Salvation was perfect for her. She told us how now she knows where her dad is and she is feeling at peace. She then said in her prayer, “I thank thee for these two missionaries that have brought me peace and love into my life." It brought me to tears after. Something I feel I need to recognize more. We as members have the PRIVILEGE to bring peace and love into people’s lives through the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The missionaries with a family in the ward
Another man was Rodofo. He stopped us on the street asking for a visit. He began to tell us he had stopped all of the Catholic traditions because he felt inside spiritually that they were wrong. He then told us after we went back to follow up with him about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, “as I open this book and begin to read, immediately I feel peace. I’m sorry I read more than what you had marked for me. I wanted to feel more and read more. It brings peace into my life. As I have talked with so many people and pastors over the years they have attacked and criticized this book. Well I am a witness that it is true. That every critic that has been given and will be given is false. Because this book testifies of Christ and brings peace into my life." was amazing to witness that. I know that the Book of Mormon is true! I love it. If it wasn’t for the Book of Mormon I wouldn’t have a testimony of my savior Jesus Christ, and I owe it all to this scripture: 2 Nephi 25:29.

Our Father in Heaven needed Joseph Smith to be His instrument; not just to have a prophet, but to have His gospel restored on the earth. The priesthood, the prophets and apostles and anything else we have with in the church are all fruits of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s what was restored. The true gospel of Jesus Christ. This Thanksgiving I truly am so grateful that I have parents that loved me enough to teach me this restored gospel and the fruits of it. Everything I have in my life that is close to me is because of the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

I love you all,
Elder Loveless

Elder Loveless making pão de queijo (cheese bread) for Elder Goodfellow
Elder Goodfellow and Elder Loveless

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