Monday, November 10, 2014

Love the Lord's hand!

A family that fed the missionaries dinner
So this last week was good and hard!

We are working a ton on finding new people to teach and the Lord blessed us with a new investigator Anderson. He is 17 and shows a ton of desire and interest in the gospel. We are working our hearts out to help him receive an answer of the fullness of the gospel!

So we are working a ton with less actives here to strengthen the area, but more so that they can feel the blessings of the gospel again! I love working with less actives. The lord guided us to a less active family that is ready to return. We felt we needed to stop by a member’s house to get a drink of water. Well we ended up talking with him about less actives. Well he told us about a family close to his house. We stopped by to visit them and the welcomed us in with a smile on their faces. As we began to talk to them there son walked in the door and immediately began to tell us how he just had a kid and was planning on leaving where he worked so that he could return to church. As we testified of the blessings of the gospel and the atonement they all agreed to return to church and the activities as well! I love how the Lord is always looking out for his children! Whether we are lost, struggling or going through a death in the family we all can and will find peace in the atonement, especially knowing that He has suffered for the unimaginable.

Love you all so much,

Love Elder Loveless
It rained on Elder Francisco and Elder Loveless
Elder Loveless making pastels

Elder McKay and Elder Loveless with the Helping Hands

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