Monday, September 8, 2014

Love Miracles

So my new area is Vida Nova (new life), and I’m here with Elder Gomez. He is from Cabo Verde.
We had some huge miracles this last week. One was from a prayer that we had said. We got into the area with almost nothing, just a few lists and a list of less actives. Well we had no idea what to exactly do at the moment and where to go, so we sat down and said a prayer asking for the Lord to guide us to someone that was in need. Well we made some plans to get going and out to work. We came across a name and we felt we needed to go, so we went over and she came to the door. She told us that she thought God had forgotten her and didn’t know if we would ever come by. We talked with her about why she fell away, the difference she has seen when she had the gospel and when she didn’t have it as strong. She said she felt she needed to come back and told us how she hasn’t been able to sleep for two months and she is with a constant headache. Well we offered her a blessing and she accepted. We then left and came back two days later. She came out really fast to greet us, with a huge smile on her face. As we sat down to talk to her, she began to tell us that after the blessing her headache went away, she slept for the first time in months. She then told us how she was desiring to end her life so she could find peace, and then we showed up at her door telling her how God loved her and needed her back.
It was such a special experience to be able to see how the Lord works. I know that He hears and answers our prayers! So grateful that He leads us and guides if we are worthy to do so to find those who are in need of help.
LOVE THIS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to know I still have a ton of time left to do this!
Love you all, and thanks for the prayers. I get the results this afternoon from the CT scan!
Elder Loveless

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