Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Knocking Doors

So we had a cool experience this week. Knocking doors has never been full of great success and nor will it have great success as other forms of missionary work, but we were in need of help and finding people to teach. We went to an area we haven’t been to before and stopped and prayed. We asked Heavenly Father to put someone in our path that would be willing to accept.

Well we went to the first two doors, one guy yelled at us, the next one dogs about ate us, and then the third door came. We knocked (well clapped hands) and a man came out and said, "Are you Mormons?" We said yes, and he said, "I went to your church once when I was a little kid and I have always been interested since. Can I read your book? Do you have one to give me?" Man it was such an amazing experience to enter in and testify of The Book of Mormon and The Church of Jesus Christ. It was so amazing!

I love being able to be a witness and testify to others that Christ restored His church and we have the fullness of the gospel on the earth. Some days it feels like only two percent are listening, but at least they are listening and others are and will come to know of the truth as well! Love this gospel! I know that this is Christ’s church. I know He lives and supports us when we suffer!

Thanks for the prayers everyone, the CT scan was great and I’m just fine!

Elder Loveless
The missionaries with two kids they are teaching
Back in an old area on an exchange
The Elder's house

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