Monday, June 16, 2014

Love the work!

Elder Loveless and Elder Rodrigues new comp is Elder Rodrigues. He is from Curitiba. He is a great missionary and is picking up the things really fast! 

Well we had some amazing experiences this last week! A less active family told us, "Thank you for all you have done. For the first time in years, we are praying, reading, and feel closer to God." Wow ... it was so strong and special!

Luiz, Viviane, Eduardo, Pedro
So we were able to visit the temple with a family that the parents have recently returned to the church and their sons we are teaching. It was such a special experience. While I was there I saw tons of people from Jacaré, and Itupeva...but the most special experience was what happened with Pedro and Luiz...the two sons... We were teaching them Alma 50 1-5 and we were drawing the fortress of what we thought they looked like. We then asked them (Pedro 14 Luiz 10) what are things that we have to do in our own lives to protect ourselves... They responded together, read the scriptures, go to church and renew our covenants, pray, help our family, live the 13 articles of faith! They then turned to us and asked, "When can we be baptized? We really want to." We were unable to set a date with them due to some things with the family, but we sat down with the parents and both of the sons will be baptized by their dad the end of June or the beginning of July! It has been such a special experience teaching them and watching them come into activity and watch the sons come closer to baptism! 

At the Campinas Temple
I truly am so grateful for this work! It has been such a blessing. I love D&C 24:12 ... This happens a lot when we are walking down the street and feel strongly we should talk to someone ... Then Satan puts so much fear and doubt into our hearts, but whenever I feel that I immediately open my mouth to talk to them. Such a simple thing as opening my mouth allows the Lord to fill it and bless me. I love this work! I love doing it with other members but especially with the savior.

Oh and yes...Brasil is going crazy...a guy this last week sold his house and left his wife and kids homeless so that he would be able to watch a game...yea...they love soccer...

Love you! Gary

Elder Miller, Elder Eller, Elder Loveless

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