Monday, July 15, 2013

Well Hello Everyone

Wellllll hello everyone :)

I hope all is well with good ole Mapleton.

This last week was very special! We went to meet with a family that was struggling, and the past couple of weeks we have been doing all that we could to implement new finding activities and fasting for opportunities to teach. Oh did they ever come. We met with this family and they are working on adopting their granddaughter, she came in the room and told us how she went to a different church last week with a friend and she felt a happy feeling. We then asked her if she would always want that feeling. She said yes (with a glow in her smile) and we gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so excited and loved it so much. We then began to teach the restoration and were talking about how the gospel blesses families and that she could be with her grandpa and grandma forever, and we asked her if she would want that. She broke down into tears and said she did. It was such a sweet and amazing spiritual experience. There is a special spirit that children bring! She absolutely loved church yesterday! This gospel is so amazing for what it can do. And the blessings that come from it. I miss being able to be around children to feel of their sweet spirit and innocence.

But I was able to find out from President Cleveland that visas are coming, but he doesn’t know for sure when.  So I know it is coming, but all in the Lords time. He is in it whatever happens! I am just happy to be serving him and to be an instrument in his hands. I love this sweet gospel.

Well Elder Hallstrom is leaving, and Elder Wall and I are staying and will receive a new companion this Wednesday!

Love you all! Thank you for the prayers!

Elder Loveless

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