Monday, May 20, 2013


Wow...this last week flew by!!! I don't like how it goes by so fast. We only have two weeks left in the transfer and I still have no clue about my visa! I have drawn so close to the people here! I love them. It solidifies my testimony of the truthfulness of the work of the lord. It doesn't matter who you serve. Quite frankly the most important missionary work we can do is in the walls of our home and ward. 

When times get trying and hard (every day :) ) a scripture that always comes to my mind and a scripture I have grown to love is in Romans 8: 31 ...if God is for us, who can be against us. That scripture is so true! Even though times get hard, and people will get mad at us, swear at us, and say we are representing the devil, I feel an overwhelming spirit comforting me at those times. I know that Heavenly Father, His son, and the Holy Ghost are every bit involved with this work. Without them those times would be even more difficult, but our Father in Heaven being all loving will always be there to wrap his arms around us.

So this last week, we met with the Clouses, Brandy wants to wait for her baptism so she can be baptized with her girls! Which is awesome! So we are now teaching her and her daughters so they can work towards baptism. Jason is wanting to go to the temple and receive the priesthood soon! He is so amazing. Mom he absolutely loves the ring, and I gave him the Salt Lake temple pin! He loves the salt lake temple. A little history about that...Before the missionaries ever came, he had a dream that he was before this castle (Salt Lake temple) and as he went to the doors he went to open them and couldn't see because it was too bright. He then found a picture of it the next day and then the missionaries came! So he told them about it and they gave him another picture! He loves the gospel and is doing so amazing!!! I love that family!

Well on exchanges the other day in our area, a man drove past us and flipped around and got out and ran to us (never happens ) and he asked us what do you believe! We then were able to testify and share with him our beliefs and answer his questions. We gave him the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, The gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Book or Mormon. He wanted to read over them before he met with us!!!!!!!!!!!! SSSSSSSSSSSssOOOOOOOOOOO sweeet! We meet with him tomorrow! I hope he has felt of the spirit while reading them. 

I truly love being a missionary! I love every bit of it. It is hard, tiring and some days everything falls out of place. But the little moments, those moments are the ones that are most rewarding. I love being able to serve my Savior! Words can’t describe how privileged we are to be his servants. I can’t thank everyone enough for the prayers and support that is given to me! I love you all and am so thankful for your examples to me! 

With love,
Elder Loveless

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