Monday, August 11, 2014


First off, Chica and Ryan congrats on lil Colette! She is so beautiful! So excited to have another lil niece when i will get home! ONE MORE TO COME!!!
Wow this last week was great! The Lord is so loving towards his servants. We had to stay in the house for a bit because my comp was sick, but still the Lord blessed us to teach and help others come unto Christ.
We found a man Fabiano who accepted us openly. He told us how He wants to stop with drugs and drinking to help his children and his own spirituality. We testified of the power of the Book of Mormon and invited him to follow Christ and be baptized! It was so amazing to see the spirit move him towards the Lord and giving up his sins! He said to us, "normally I don't tell these things to others. But you're here to help me spiritually and I need it and accept it." I love this Gospel and the blessings of atonement in our lives!
I'm so grateful that the Lord is always watching over us and blessing us in any moment. That He is always here for us! I testify that He lives and loves us. I'm so grateful to have the privilege and be counted worthy to feel of His love.
Love you all,
Elder loveless

Elder Mcdaniel, Elder Mckay, Elder Loveless, & Sister Ware
They all served together in Indiana

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