Monday, July 28, 2014


Wow! This last week was so amazing! So I’m with Elder Lee. He is from the same group as me! We are zone leaders here in Cosmópolis! We are working like crazy! He and I are blessed to have the same vision about the work...we aren’t stopping. We got to an area with no one to teach other than two women here. They were baptized yesterday! We had the honor to baptize them! Marlene and Lana! It was such a blessing and a privilege to see them progress and walk into the font!

Well the greatest blessing that happened is I was able to return to Campinas yesterday as well to baptize Luiz Gustavo, and Pedro! I remember Reese telling me at the beginning of the mission to think about an experience you want to have on the mission, write it down and pray for it to happen. I remember writing down before the mission I wanted to help a family come unto the gospel and to watch them become an eternal family. Well we were blessed to help this family come into activity and watch the two sons be baptized! Knowing that the Lord loved me enough to be a part of this special family’s life was such a great gift! It was through so much prayer and fasting we were able to see the Lord bless this family!  I LOVE THIS WORK!  To watch families come unto Christ and know that they are an eternal family! Love it!

As I was sitting there at the baptism that was when I was reminded of what Reese told me to do. I felt such an overwhelming feeling come over me that I was blessed to fulfill that hope and prayer! I love the power of prayer in our lives! The power of prayer is the most unique and special power. Think about it, what did the Savior do when he was suffering for each of us...he prayed. To access the blessings of the priesthood we must pray to do so! I’m finally understanding how important a prayer with faith truly is, and our beloved prophet of old, Joseph Smith understood that as a 14 year old! I love this gospel. And I love that I have the ability to pray to my Father in Heaven whenever I need and want!

Love you all so much! Thanks for everything!

p.s. pray that I can send the pictures of the baptisms. Kind of on accident deleted them all...oops! Good thing we have technology to help us!

Elder Loveless

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