Monday, April 21, 2014

I Am A Child Of God

Wow...this last week was so amazing!

I was able to perform (sorry I know that’s not the right word but that is what we use in Portuguese to describe to do...maybe...sorry) an interview for an investigator of the sisters. I wish I could talk about the whole interview but I can’t. But there is one thing I will share. After about an hour and a half, we finished the interview, and I told him, "Michel, Satan knows what you are about to do, and he will do everything in his power to stop you from being baptized. Do as the savior has taught in 3 Nephi 20:1, 'And it came to pass that he commanded the multitude that they should cease to pray, and also his disciples. And he commanded them that they should not cease to pray in their hearts'." He then stopped me and said this, "Elder Loveless, no one, nothing, not even Satan can stop me from being baptized into the true church, because I am a child of God. I am one of His sons." It hit me so strong. How true is that. The most important doctrine teach is the first principle that God is our father and we are His children. How often do we forget that? I really needed that interview. It strengthened my testimony so much.

So we have had many people that we have been teaching. One of which had many problems with drugs and he started meeting with us and the gospel has changed his life. He is so strong and is working towards baptism. I love being a witness of the gospel changing lives and feeling the spirit work through me that is why I’m here. I love it!

Easter was amazing. I was reading about when Christ appeared to Mary and He talked with her and she didn't recognize Him. Until He said her name. Then she knew it was Him. I love this quote on a Greg Olsen picture of Christ "The shepherd loved his sheep, he knew them, named them, provided for and protected them. In return, the sheep respond to their shepherd and recognized his voice. His call alone could bring them back from their wanderings in unfamiliar paths. If lambs were lost, he sought them out and brought them back to the fold...Those who hear the masters call and then seek to follow in His path will find Him and there enjoy contentment and safety at His feet." I love this quote. It is so true. He is always out to seek us. He never stops and doesn't give up. I know at times in my life I've looked for how he has sought me out, and it has always been through my sweet family and friends. I know He lives and I love Him.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

P.S. The family is the stronghold, the unit of the church. With the family we can't fall that is the foundation we must build on, the family focused on the atonement.


Elder Loveless

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