Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This last week was just full of ups and downs and was a crazy roller coaster. With baptisms falling through because of problems within the family...nothing is worse than to see someone you love and you see them as Christ would (well atleast trying to do as christ would), to see them not make it to their own day because of others when they still want it, is truly heart wrenching. I'm so grateful for the atonement. It truly does mend a broken heart if we allow it. I've had many prayers of tears on the mission asking why that person wasnt able to make it to the fold and always the reply is the same, "trust me." Sometimes it is truly frustrating not knowing why the Lord allows things to happen to us or why we must suffer. I was receiving a blessing this last week and in the blessing it said, "all of the suffering you are experience is for a cause in the Lord." I know that we suffer, but we cant suffer even a pinch of what He did for us. I'm so grateful for this quote my sweet mom sent me.
"Your path will at times be difficult, but I give you this promise. Rise up, and follow in the footsteps of our Redeemer and Savior, and one day you will look back and be filled with eternal gratitude that you chose to TRUST THE ATONEMENT and its power to lift you up." Pres. Uchdorf.
If we chose to follow the shoes that paved their way to eternal glory with our Father, it is impossible to get lost.
So it was really cool, I went back to the ´gator` Jacaré for an exchange and every member I met I could fully understand them and talk crazy what 2 months can do! So grateful for all the help i've recieved.
We have been focousing a lot on finding new people to teach and the Lord truly is leading us to his chosen children. I love being a missionary and going to bed aching and waking up aching. And....somehow...your happy. But I love it.
Love you all!
Elder Loveless

 Elder Mckay, Traywick, me and Miller eating the best burger ever in our matching world cup jerseys!

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