Monday, April 28, 2014

Estou Saindo

Elder Loveless with some Elders from his district
Man this is hard. Just got the call and for those who have served a mission...transfer calls are awful! I’m leaving Itupeva...I love it here and I’ve grown so close to so many people and many are close to being baptized. It’s always hard to not be able to see the fruits of your labors. But that’s not what the work is about. Going forward and doing the will of the Lord!

So you know how we all think Utah is bipolar with snow during the spring...well Brazil just destroyed how bipolar Utah really is. We go from sweating our brains out to freezing cold at night, from hot and humid and rainy and windy all in the same day...yea it is crazy!’s fun!

So I was praying this last week and felt so strongly that I needed to do more to strengthen my testimony of the Savior and strengthen my desire as a missionary. Well one study I felt prompted to open the missionary book that Reese had made for me, and this is what I read from my two brothers,

From Brian, "I wish I could tell you the secret to missionary work that would make you a good missionary, but there isn't one. Just remember that the atonement is key. Think about it."

From Reese, "the main thing to remember about missionary work is that the Savior is at the center. He must be or everything else is pointless. The atonement must be your reason for being a missionary. Without it there would be no gospel, no plan of salvation, no exaltation. His atonement is in and apart of everything."

When I read those two profound statements it hit me so strong. It made me truly take a step back and think, if the atonement was truly at the center of my own life and my true desire to talk with others. Also was it truly the reason of why I am a missionary. I know the atonement is everything. Not just for a missionary but for our everyday lives. He lives and He loves us. All He expects from us is to come unto him, partake of the blessings of the atonement whether we think we need them or not, and to just serve and love others. It’s the simple things I have found myself looking over. So grateful for the mission to help open my eyes to what is truly important in life. 

Love you all!

Elder Loveless

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