Monday, May 26, 2014

Stuck Inside

So this last week we weren't able to do a ton. My comp was sick most of the week and we had interviews and meetings...sooo it resulted in a lot of studying! 

But we had one cool experience this last week. We were contacting a less active and his friend was there. She claims to be athiest. So we sat down with her and began to ask her about her past life if she tried to come to know God, if he really did exist. She began to try and prove to us how he didnt exist but we began to ask follow up questions using just as Alma did in Alma 34 and we asked her, since she was willing in the past to try and know God if she was willing to give it one last try. She said yes and as we were leaving she immediatly began to read Alma 34. We testified to her that because she was reading the Book of Mormon and because it was perfect, only something that was perfect could prove there was a God. We pray she will find her answer! 

So I was reading a lot in this book I have, "The Life of the Savior." It's really cool, it has all the scriptural accounts of the savior and his life put in chronological order. It was so amazing as I was reading the christmas story. It opened my eyes to so much when I had all the stories put together in order. I have learned a great deal from the accounts. One thing is that Christ is our salvation. The people of the last dispensations I admire. Many knew that it wouldnt be there dispensation that would see the Savior, but they went forward to help others know of Christ. They hoped in a salvation to come. Christ came and fulfilled that hope with his birth. He then rose from the dead fulfilling all hope for a salvation and making it sure, and now we are able to help prepare all for that final day. As it says in John 20: 31 But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name. So amazing to know that he is our salvation. Its through our faith and obedience that we see and recieve the blessings of salvation. So greatful for the Salvation we recieve from Jesus Christ. 

Forgive my english I'm so sorry its going down hill, and the keyboards are crazy here...

Love you all,

Elder Loveless

Slept outside...we have a closed off area, and it was cool that night so we all slept outside :) so awesome!"

Elder Loveless and Elder Schultz

 When Hernando took us to the biggest mall in south was legit...its like 3 of city creek! 

They call these dreams...they are like donuts with an inch of caramel...they are to die for!

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